This year at Wellstead, we have made some important developments to the way we celebrate children following the Wellstead Way.

We have introduced a house system across the school and every child has been placed into one of five houses. Each house will have a number of children from every year group.

The houses have been named after prominent people from the local area and each has been allocated a team colour.

The children will meet regularly as a house and these will be led by the recently appointed Year 6 House Captains and Vice Captains.

This years 2016-2017 House Captains and Vice Captains are:

House Name Colour Meaning Captains Vice-Captain
Pomeroy Purple Eliza Pomeroy was the Headmistress in 1875 at the opening of the National School. Zac & Esther Isabelle
Hibberd Yellow Arthur Hibberd (1894) belonged to the first  Parish Council. Hayden & Sophie Leah
Mescott Green John Mescott was one of the first farmers in  Hedge End in the 17th century. Alana & Daniel Ash
Hansen Red Captain Neil Hansen was the Salvation Army’s first Officer in Hedge End in the 1880s. Belle & Lewis Skye
Barfoot Blue Henry Barfoot was an early resident of Hedge End – a long-established Hedge End family name. Ella & Dior Ebony-Elle

Children will earn a house point for displaying one of the five core personal values – being kind, helpful, thoughtful, polite and sensible. The house points will be totaled at the end of the week and the winning house will be announced in assembly on a Monday.

There will be rewards for the house with the most house points at the end of each half term and ultimately a bigger reward at the end of the year.

We are planning many different events over the year, including Sports Day, when the houses can meet together and undertake team challenges and activities so watch this space!