School Council

Our School Council is a place where we discuss our ideas and aspirations for our school. We can make decisions for our school and all the pupils.
In the Autumn term, two children, from Year 1 to Year 6, are elected by their peers giving us a total of fourteen School Councillors (our Year R children will join us later in the year). 
Our Wellstead School Councillors for 2016-2017 are:
KS1       KS2  
Barley       Poppy Millie E Layton B
Chickpea       Quinoa Roxy D Toby S
Oat Megan C Jaden S   Rye Imogen L Hugo AB
Maize Mia C Ben B   Farro Tiyana T Natalya C
Corn Katie E Max S   Rice  Dawn B  Charlie McF
Wheat Lily H Jayden P      
All the School Councillors, alongside the children in their class, have the chance to improve our school.
Our School Councillors also act as our Fairtrade Steering Group to look at the ways that we can retain our Fair Achiever award status.
This year, we are hoping to make even more improvements to our school and will be heavily involved in our school building project and the recruitment of a new Headteacher. 
We want to make sure that every pupil at Wellstead Primary School is happy and content in their environment.
You will be able to spot us as we have School Councillor badges!