Fairtrade Tuckshop

We are a FairAchiever school and support fairtrade by selling the following items through our Year 5s fairtrade tuck shop at morning playtimes.

Orange Juice 50p FairAchieverCertificate19thOctober2016Click to englarge
Apple Juice 50p
Flapjacks 70p
Cookies - Ginger or Fruit  45p

If children would like to purchase something from the Fairtrade tuckshop they will need to bring in their money in a named purse and take it out to the playground at morning playtime where the Year 5s will be running the stall.

Fairtrade Raffle

Every child who makes a Fairtrade purchase during the week will have their name entered into the Fairtrade raffle. (Maximum of one raffle entry per child per day.)

The raffle will run from Friday until Thursday each week. The raffle will be drawn in Celebration Assembly on a Friday with the winner receiving a Fairtrade prize.

We look forward to seeing your child at the Fairtrade Tuckshop!